Disclosure: I received these products for free to review. The opinions in my review are honest and my own. Some of you may not know this but…I am candle obsessed.

I will freely admit, until recently I had an addiction to a very expensive candle company. I just loved the candles themselves. My fear with candles, however, is that Reya, my Alaskan Malamute, loves fire.

Yes, she will try going right up to the candle to smell it and has no problem nearly burning her muzzle. My fear is that sooner or later, she will knock off the candle and cause a house fire. Since I hate keeping her crated, that left us looking for a wax warmer. As we were looking into this, one of my best blogging friends, Teri Hardy, started selling Scentsy. She was so determined I was going to like it she asked me to review one of their sets.

Knowing we needed something to solve our candle issue, I happily agreed. Love the smell of candles, but think they are a safety risk with your animals or children? Luckily, we know the perfect answer for individuals who want to enjoy their favorite scents without the fire or burn risk — Scentsy.

Started in by Orville and Heidi Thompson, their little fragrance business soon exploded, becoming one of the most popular international businesses in the fragrance industry. Their goal is to make some of the best smelling, high quality waxes and wax warmers in the industry. Best of all, the people who sell Scentsy are people like you and me — consultants who are just as passionate about Scentsy as Orville and Heidi themselves.

By now, you are likely wondering what makes the wax so unique? You will likely waste money and have the worst mess ever to clean out of your warmer. Scentsy wax is specially formulated to melt in a ceramic dish using the relatively low heat of a low light bulb or heating element in your warmer. Since I make candles in my spare time, I can tell you this wax is very unique.

It melts faster than most traditional waxes and a very little bit goes a long way. For example, some of the scents I have tried keep their scent from a small chunk of wax for over 12 hours of continual use, and then can go another 5 or so hours after it re-melts, while keeping its scent.This is a super interesting topic for me.

Are Scentsy Fragrances Toxic if you ingest them? Well, if you put them in your mouth then yea, you might experience an adverse affect but… it depends on which product you ingest and of course how much. NONE of our products are meant to be ingested — period.

The stories are each unique and no one has had any adverse affect other than maybe having smelly bits…if you know what I mean…when it passes through them. If you ingest our Room Spray…seek medical attention. They are not meant to be used for ANY other purpose so make sure to not ingest them, keep them away from Children and Pets and anyone else who might think they are. If you are drinking our Clean or Laundry products then I think you may have more problems than their toxicity.

If you use our Wax and Oil Products as directed, in our Scentsy Warmers and Diffusers alike, then they are perfectly safe and non-toxic to be inhaled by humans. Please seek medical advice from your Pediatrician if you have any concerns before using our oils. According to bird veterinarians, breeders, and resellers, any scented product can cause illness or fatalities in birds.

Marla Lichtenberger, DVM, stated in an article posted on www. I would do your research in advance on how these types of products might affect your Cat, Dog, Bird, Snake, Ferret, Fish…whatever pet you may be concerned about.

What kind of fragrance oils are used in Scentsy Bars? Scentsy uses both synthetic and naturally-derived fragrances oils to achieve the highest quality and longest-lasting bar. For example, synthetic oil is necessary to reproduce lily of the valley because fragrance cannot be extracted from this flower through typical extraction methods. What kind of wax is used to make Scentsy Bars? We use a custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend designed to give you long-lasting fragrance and selected for its scent loading ability, melting point and firmness.

Soy- or vegetable-based waxes can produce a quality wicked candle, but not a quality wickless candle. Are Scentsy Bars safe? Scentsy Bars are safer than wicked candles because no flame is required for the wax to melt and release fragrance. Since the wax is warmed and not burned as with traditional candles, no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air.

With Scentsy, there is no flame, smoke, soot or lead. Do Scentsy Bars contain harmful phthalates? Scentsy Bars do not contain or release harmful phthalates. A small percentage of Scentsy Bar fragrances contain extremely low levels of non-harmful diethyl phthalate DEPcommonly used in fragrances to help blend ingredients and to make fragrances last longer.

DEP is thoroughly tested and is consistently regarded as safe for use in fragrance by several government bodies including the U. Do Scentsy Bars contain any nut or mineral oils?Posted on April 23, by Chad Pegura 71 comments.

Recently, there has been a lot of excitement, varying opinions and strong emotions surrounding the use of essential oils around cats. Organic Aromas wishes to remind everyone to be calm and approach this very important, yet sensitive, topic with caution, prudence and always using a practical approach. To avoid subjecting your beloved kitty to something unhealthy we remind everyone to go slow, use your essential oils sparingly and start in a place where your cat is not located.

Furthermore, please note that Organic Aromas strictly discourages the ingestion of any essential oil regardless of human or animal. Likewise, we never promote or condone the use of essential oils diluted or not directly applied to the fur or the body of any animal ever.

We defer the decision to use essential oils for cats to the cat owner and his or her veterinarian. Moreover, as cat owners and lovers ourselves, the following list represents essential oils that we have used around our own pets for many years without trouble or incident. Lastly, the materials contained in this article and on this website are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute medical or professional advice on any subject matter.

Always consult your own health care provider first. In light of this article receiving so much attention we have created an addendum to further examine the details of using essential oils around cats. Part 2. We love our feline companions and we love the scent of essential oils.

Not only is cedarwood safe for cats, but it actually has been proven to be lethal to adult fleas. After you have given your cat a flea bath, try adding a drop or two of cedar wood oil into their collar in order to prevent future flea infestations.

Additionally, you can use cedar wood in a spray for fabrics in order to kill the fleas as their hatching. We would recommend a spray with equal parts vinegar or alcohol and water in a glass spray bottle with around 10 drops of cedar wood oil per cup of liquid. It is also great for helping migraines and healing cuts and abrasions. Sweet Basil essential oil is an effective essential oil to use as an air freshener and is safe to use around your cats.

Much like with cedar wood, peppermint essential oil is great for keeping fleas and other pests at bay without harming your feline friend. Try to fill up a glass spray bottle with water and mix in two to three drops of peppermint oil. Rosemary baths can be wonderful for flea control.I must confess, I used to be the girl who had every Yankee Candle in her home — at least one in every room.

I was especially drawn to the food smelling candles. I loved Bath and Body Works wallflowers and had those in every room in my house too. Car air fresheners were a must and leaving the house without my perfume on was a tragedy. I never realized that all those things I was putting in my house and on and in my body were actually causing it harm.

I was dead wrong. The toxins I allowed to permeate and pollute the air in my home and car is nauseating to think about now that my knowledge has changed and I am privy to what exactly was and still is in those products. I would love to share this knowledge with you so you can make an educated choice. I would also encourage you not to just take my word for but do your own research as well. Environmental Working Group is a great place to start to learn all about ingredients in products.

Also, emailing the companies directly for ingredients lists can be extremely helpful. A word of caution — if a company will not share ingredients with you that is a HUGE red flag. If a company is not willing to be completely transparent, then they have something to hide. I did email Scentsy on November 27,for an ingredients list for their products, since they are not listed on their website anywhere, and have had no response.

Most candle wax is petroleum based paraffin is a petroleum by-product. This wax is sourced from the refining of crude oil into gasoline. The petroleum sludge that is then left over is then bleached and deodorized to be used as wax for candles and such. In the refining of this petroleum, the process gives off the same soot as a diesel engine does.

These are all dangerous toxins.

Scentsy Review: The Best Candle Alternative with Kids & Pets

When these are polluting our indoor air they are extremely hazardous to our health. Even the EPA says that if multiple candles are burned in a home the pollution exceeds the safe minimum for indoor air. Most candle wicks have a lead wire core. When that wick is burned lead is released into the air for us to breathe into our lungs, get on our skin and get in our eyes.

Did you read that? When you see the word fragrance on a label for detergent, soap, perfume, candles, air fresheners, dryer sheets or any product it can often have upwards of of those chemicals in it.

These 3, chemicals are ultra-toxic to the human body. Lots of them are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors thyroid or hormone issues anyone?

Are Scented Candle Fumes Toxic to Cats?

They have been linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, neurological disorders as well as allergies and eczema. Fragrance is in the top 5 allergens when it comes to ingredients. Therese also says that fragrance can mimic hormones estrogens and cause our natural, God-given hormones to short circuit. Our bodies store toxins in our fat. Fragrance is a toxin and is stored in our fat. It makes perfect sense why using fragrance throughout our days can cause neurological and CNS disorders.

They also say they use both synthetic and naturally derived fragrances. Naturally derived fragrances are things like beaver anal glands for an orange scent.With the increasing popularity of essential oils, many people diffuse them in their homes for therapeutic use.

Essential oils greatly help people in various ways such as relaxing and sleeping at night or treating a common cold. But is it safe to do that though? Cats and dogs have a keener sense of smell compared to humans, which means they smell essential oils better.

As I mentioned before, cats and dogs, as well as other pets, have a better sense of smell. Also, each pet is different than the other, which means their reaction might differ as well. Honestly, your other pet might have an even worse reaction to particular oil.

Due to its heightened sense of smell, even the faintest scent of essential oil might be akin to sitting next to someone with dizzying perfume. Because of this, it is crucial that you first try out to see how your pets will react.

It is a lot like trying a patch test when testing a product. By doing this, you can protect your pets. The essential oils not safe for dogs are garlic, clover, oregano, rosemary, thyme, tea tree, and wintergreen oil.

The common safe oils to diffuse are chamomile, clary sage, cedarwood, marjoram, and myrrh oil. Here are some tips that will help make sure that your cat or dog will be perfectly safe while you enjoy the benefits of essential oil:. There it is. My name is Gege. I am a professional freelance lifestyle writer. Over 1. If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best tea light candle is, then we recommend Stonebriar Unscented Tea Light Candle as the best one. If you are looking to purchase tea light Love lavender and want to Skip to content.

Continue Reading.When I am asked questions about the safety of a product, I get online and I research. I consider the opinions of all sources, both pro and con, and take what information they offer and further dissect it. Because most of the products in question are on the market for human use, there is precious little out there that is directly relative to birds. This means looking hard at not only the ingredients and their processing but also manufacturing practices — they all have a hand in the safety of the final product and for the very conscientious, consideration to any negative impact on ecology.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Scentsy products, it is an air freshening system using scented wax cubes that are melted using a low wattage light bulb. The claim is that they are the safer, non-toxic alternative to scented candles or plug-in air fresheners.

It is true that this system eliminates the zinc and lead released from burning wicks and there is no oily, sooty smoke resulting from the burning oils in the wax. BUT is that safe enough for a bird? In fact, the website does not disclose the ingredients of their products— something I immediately regard as suspect.

It is a by-product of the processing of crude oil.

scentsy safe for cats

I take this as an out and out lie based on two things:. But it is easier for them to be LESS forthcoming and just eliminate another fact that can be picked apart. I was not alone in my frustration. I wound up on several different blog sites all with the same list of complaints as I have and who reached the same conclusions.

This is a company with something to hide and not the all-natural and non-toxic alternative to air freshening they would have us believe.

Terracotta and sandstone essential oil diffusers from aromaweb. I am not a chemist but I am a practical person who has been around birds for a long while. I have seen needless suffering and death for many companion birds which have been exposed to things that are seemingly innocuous. Every breath they take is more efficiently utilized and distributed than our own inhalations are and that puts them more at risk when toxins are in the air.

There are parrot safe alternatives. Author Patty Jourgensen specializes in avian health, behavior and nutrition and has been working with and caring for rescue birds since Was constantly scratching itself, tearing out fur, vomiting. We must remember that our animals can be sensitive to fragrances that may not bother us. Thanks so much for the info.Scentsy produces a worry-free product line. This one needs a little science behind the explanation.

We all hear Volatile Organic Compounds and get scared, right? The word volatile just sounds bad. Those fresh flowers that smell so good?

scentsy safe for cats

Volatile organic compounds. That fresh sliced watermelon? Without volatile organic compounds we would live in a scent-free world. All of these authorities above restrict the use of ingredients that are dangerous for the environment and the consumer. The products are not meant to be ingested. They are made to be warmed, sprayed, laundered, and diffused. Scentsy is perfectly safe if you use them as intended. So spray that Room Spray! Warm that wax!

Diffuse those oils! Enjoy your Scent Paks and Scent Circles! Scentsy bars are easily the safest option in the world of home fragrances.

scentsy safe for cats

They are safer than wicked candles because they are flameless, smokeless and lead-free, which means no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air; unlike traditional candles which release soot and can be harmful if you breathe them in. Scentsy bars are blocks of fragrance wax and there are 8 pieces wax cubes per bar. Wax bars are available in over 80 exclusive Scentsy fragrances and have been designed for use in a Scentsy Warmer.

Scentsy bars are made from a custom, premium paraffin wax blend, which by design give you long-lasting fragrance and amazing scent-loading ability, melting point and firmness. Scentsy fragrances do not contain any harmful VOCs, they are completely formaldehyde-free. Yes, leaving a Scentsy Warmer on is just as safe as leaving a lamp on. Scentsy bars are the safest option for those with pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, snakes, fish, etc. However, we recommend that you do your research in advance on how the products potentially could affect your pets.

Nonetheless, we have never experienced any issues with our pets, and even if they ingest the bars, it is shown to not cause any serious adverse effects. Yes, you can breathe in Scentsy products. They are completely non-toxic.

However, Scentsy products are not to be ingested. Hence, do not eat them even if they smell better than most foods! In regards to babies and having Scentsy scents specifically in baby-rooms, it has been proven to be completely safe for babies. This includes Scentsy Buddies, which, in fact, have a lighter scent release.

Which Essential Oils Are Safe for Cats

However, just be sure to keep the bars and essential oils or any other Scentsy product out of reach from children as they are not to be ingested. Scentsy Skin products are vegan and gluten-free.

Furthermore, Scentsy products are not tested on animals. Scentsy uses natural oils when available. There may be times where synthetic scents are used. If you are sensitive or allergic to certain plants, please note that diffusing oils are extracted from plants, therefore, it could irritate your allergies if we used a plant that you are sensitive or allergic to. Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays, essential and natural oils, etc are all completely safe and non-toxic when inhaled.